Travel Insurance: Why You Must Have One Before Taking Off

Unexpected things happen, and that is what insurance is out to tackle and protect against. Accidents happen to people just seated and resting at home, let alone to people travelling by road, rail, sea and by air. Accidents leave people injured, incapacitated and even dead – and it could lead to loss of jobs and total destabilization of life and family purposes. But apart from these dire cases, the following are reasons why you must have travel insurance before setting out on your trip:

i. Lost luggage: Cases of lost luggage are common with air flights and departures, and this could cost you great losses if your travel documents and personal effects get lost or stolen at the airport or in the course of your trip. Misplacing or getting your luggage stolen can cause great inconveniences and make your trip very unpleasant and nearly useless, but with travel insurance in place, you could get reimbursed for your losses and have your luggage effects restored depending on the type of travel insurance policy you have in place.

ii. Stolen money: With thieves and miscreants stalking travellers at airports and departure lounges, you may have your wallet stolen with your cash and credit cards. Although experts warn that you must desist from carrying heavy cash on your person when travelling, loss of wallets could greatly hamper your trip most especially if it happens while over in a foreign country. But with travel insurance, you will be bailed out in no time.

iii. Medical emergencies: Travel insurance is essential if your health is not too sound or if you’re not sure of the medical facilities they have in place where you are travelling to. Travel insurance will take care of your medical expenses over there if you happen to fall ill, and it might even cover transporting you back home for better medical attention in cases of health emergencies.

iv. Forces of nature: Forces of nature and related natural disasters could happen anything and anywhere and you could fall victim to it within or outside your country while out on a trip. Imagine being overtaken by the kinds of hurricanes that have happened within some particular U.S states and even in Japan and other countries. Travel insurance would help out if you fall victim in any way or suffer personal and bodily losses in any way.

v. Cancelled trips and delayed flights: Have you ever gotten to the airport on your way to a crucial emergency meeting only to have your flight delayed for several hours or even ultimately have the flight cancelled for a day or two while you are camped in some cheap hotel? How would you fare for your emergency meeting if it depended on you or would have economic consequences for your business and family? With travel insurance, you could have your flight delays or cancellations and their consequences compensated for by your insurers.

vi. Mortal accidents: Auto accidents happen while out on a trip and air mishaps happen, and this lead to disabilities and loss of jobs among other things like deaths. But you are protected with travel insurance if you have one in place.

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